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My bosses are being understanding, but we have to show up in the office at some point. The disputed weekend night services are set to begin on 12 September on sections of the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines. There are concerns some employees will have to work more overnight shifts and could have to work on their own in some stations. This Tube strike is as much about personalities as it is about the deal they are trying to hammer out. The team negotiating for LU is new at this.

The chief operating officer, Steve Griffiths, joined from Virgin Atlantic earlier this year, and my understanding is that no-one on the management side of the table has experience dealing with rail deals. Not that long ago, bosses on both sides would have got together, informally, maybe over a beer, to see if they could smooth the path for an agreement.

So, we've got a group of frustrated unions. A frustrated LU. And four million Tube passengers in the middle. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any of those old, informal lines of communication open right now, which in the past might have just sorted this out. On Monday, unions rejected LU's latest pay deal, which LU said was an increased but "final" pay offer made "in an attempt to conclude five months of talks".

Mr Johnson told the BBC: "What we've done is made an extremely good offer, that I think most Londoners would think was more than handsome. Unions would "not succeed" in their aims, he said, and he urged them to accept the pay offer, which he described as "final".

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He said it was "absolutely wrong to hold London to ransom" and apologised for the disruption, which he warned would be "very considerable". Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the strike was "unnecessary" and of benefit to no-one. I urge the strikers to accept the good offer that employers have made and get back to work," he said.

Aslef organiser Finn Brennan said the responsibility of the strikes "rests squarely with London Underground management" who "squandered the window of opportunity" to resolve it. The TSSA union also rejected the offer and general secretary Manuel Cortes said: "This dispute is not just about pay, but about how to run a safe and secure night Tube which serves the passengers as well as rewarding the staff. A fire brigade's response to the deadly blaze in a west London tower block is condemned in a report.

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England selected Local News Regions London selected. Tube strike begins across London Underground network 8 July Related Topics London tube strikes. Buses are generally a little slower than rail services because they have to contend with traffic, which in London is pretty terrible most of the time. However, an advantage is that normally there are no steps involved and no lengthy walks around the Underground system. You do not need to touch out when you disembark.

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Trams are also a part of the Hopper fare system. Now, for something a little bit different. Did you know that London has a cable car service? As well as being a handy way to get to the ExCeL exhibition centre and the O2 Arena from the south side of the river, it also offers panoramic views of this part of the city as you cross. London has a big old river running through it, so it makes sense that this waterway is also used as a public transport system.

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And so it is, with Thames Clippers operating a service under license from TfL. Essentially this gets you from one end of London to the other. It is used by commuters though, so rush hours can be a little busier. As with other TfL services, the easiest way to pay is by Contactless card or by Oyster card, touching in and out as you board and disembark. Alternatively you can buy tickets online and print them out, or you can buy tickets in person at the pier.

The last option is the most expensive — contactless, Oyster and online ticket purchases are the most cost-effective.

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Note that Thames Clipper is a little more expensive than services like the tube or buses, but the point to point service and relatively fast speed, plus the views of London from the river, can make it worth it. London definitely has some iconic modes of transport, from the famous red bus through to the tube. But perhaps most famous of all is the black cab. Taking a black cab in London is definitely an experience. All you have to do is flag one down by waving at them the taxi light will be illuminated if it is available , and the driver will stop to pick you up. Fares are paid on completion of the journey, and are set based on distance and time using the meter in the cab.

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In London rolled out a new public transport option — the bicycle! There are public cycle points all around the city, and with the increase in cycle lanes, these are becoming a popular way to take short trips. To use the cycle hire system you just need a credit or debit card. Find out more about the London cycle system here. Walking is by far the cheapest way to travel around London, and a personal favourite of ours.

Given the range of public transport options in London, the accessibility situation is definitely varied. Buses for example are pretty good, with every route serviced by low-floor vehicles and offering a wheelchair space. An aging network, built well before accessibility was something to consider, has not helped efforts to improve the situation, although certainly efforts are being made.

Some stations do have platform to street step free access, but you will need to plan your tube journey carefully.

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You can also buy Tube tickets and Day Travelcards from the train guard en route, or a pre-paid Oyster card when you arrive, which is easy to use and may be a better value option if you make regular journeys to London. Big savings. Good business. Service updates 1.