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As you might guess, this is another good meat protein for dogs since it is widely used in dog foods. At one time lamb was a novel ingredient for dogs with allergies but today it is a very common ingredient. As with chicken meal, lamb meal has had most of the moisture and fat removed so it is a concentrated version of lamb meat that contains several times as much protein as lamb meat.

Lamb is typically about 60 percent protein so lamb meal will have a much higher concentration of protein. Lamb also normally contains lots of omega-6 fatty acid, though much of the fat will be removed from lamb meal. The fifth ingredient in the food is split peas. Split peas usually refer to yellow split peas. They come from the same family as beans and lentils and chickpeas. They are also a pulse. Split peas are estimated to be about 25 percent protein, 3 percent fat, and 72 percent carbohydrates. They are a good source of dietary fiber, thiamin, manganese, and folate.

Like chickpeas, they are a plant source of omega-6 fatty acid. They have similar pros and cons as chickpeas.

While pulses like chickpeas and split peas and other peas in dog foods are a popular substitute for grains today, dog owners should note that these ingredients also add protein to a dog food. While many dog foods have one or two meat proteins in the first several ingredients, pulses can boost the protein percentage, making it seem that dog foods have more meat protein than they actually contain. They tend to raise the protein percentage much higher in grain free dog foods.

This is sometimes why grain free foods have higher protein percentages than foods with grains. These foods may not actually contain a higher percentage of meat protein.

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There is nothing wrong with dogs eating protein from pulses but they are plant sources of protein and not meat sources. Many times dog owners are paying much more for dog food because they believe that the food has more meat. This seems to vary depending on the food and the dog. Some dogs are better able to digest fiber from pulses than others, depending on how much is in the food.

Pulses are still a relatively new ingredient in dog food, being added within the last 10 years or so. There should be some research about how dogs digest them sooner or later. The food also contains chicken fat. Chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherals is good for dogs. Dogs use these fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat and healthy joints. The energy from the fat provides your dog with good energy. Other ingredients of note include dried potatoes, which are all right for most dogs.

They are high in carbs 92 percent , but many dog food companies are using them as a substitute for grains. Some people worry about feeding white potatoes. However, the potatoes in this food are not a major ingredient. The food also contains dried plain beet pulp. Beet pulp is a natural fiber that improves digestion and stool quality for a dog. All of the sugar has already been removed from beet pulp before it is used in dog food. The food also contains some natural preservatives such as rosemary extract.

Rosemary is widely used in dog foods today. According to the company, all of their foods are produced at their own facilities in the U. We note that the food uses chelated minerals which are often used in higher quality, more expensive dog foods. Chelated minerals are minerals where proteins have been bonded to the minerals, making them easier for your dog to digest. The dry matter basis figures for this food are: This food has a higher than average amount of protein and a high percentage of fat.

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The fiber content is average for most kibbles while the carb percentage is quite moderate compared to other commercial kibbles. We like the duck and chicken meal, along with the lamb meal. We like the overall protein and fat percentages and the relatively low carb percentage. We like the fact that the food has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

If your dog does have any problems with the food, it will probably be from the chickpeas and split peas. Nutro dog foods are sold in pet stores and online at Chewy. Nutro is a very popular pet food sold at Petco, PetSmart, and other stores that sell premium pet foods. You should have no problem finding this brand. For Nutro coupons you can check Pet Food Talk. We will continue to update this page as we find more coupons.

Be sure to check back often to find more Nutro dog food coupons.

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Nutro offers a tremendous variety of dog foods for dogs of all ages, sizes, and for many dietary needs. Their foods are usually moderately priced and offer good nutrition. If your dog has a special issue or allergy, you may need to look elsewhere, but many dogs will be able to eat these premium dog foods and thrive. Nutro is one of the oldest premium dog food brands and they have had many satisfied customers for decades, with some of the bestselling pet foods in the pet food specialty market for years.

Can you find dog foods with better quality ingredients — more meat, organic meat and vegetables, food specialized for specific conditions? But if you are not looking for those extras in a dog food, you and your dog may be quite happy with Nutro. I started my very first dog on this food. After one week, she was healthy and gaining weight, but refused to eat it. They love it! They always gobble it right up! I just started my dogs on this dog food. I have a senior Chihuahua, a four year old and a two year old.

They do not like this dog food so far. They will eat the kibble but the canned food just sits in their bowls. I only bought a few cans to see if they liked it. Keeping hope up they will start to like it. Nutro Dog Food Reviews. View Offer Details. Overall Ingredients. Please wait Sojos Dog Food. Rate this item: 1. Updated Updated on July 29, About the Author. Speak Your Mind Cancel reply. Joyce May 1, at am Reply. Top Dog… Foods Rating Avg. It's Simple. All Free Shipping is based on Standard Shipping rates.

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