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New Democrats question cuts to TransLink’s TaxiSaver program

With a growing menu selection and restaurant network, Pizza Pizza continues to serve all flavour profiles for people on-the-go who are not willing to compromise taste. Peter Piper Pizza is the premier gathering place for family and friends, serving handcrafted food, beer and wine for adults, alongside the latest games. That was never the intent," said Nancy Olewiler. The board chair formally announced the TaxiSaver program would continue for people who can't use the region's regular transit system or its specialized HandyDart buses for all rides.

The reversal came after weeks of protests, forums and complaint letters from seniors and disability groups over the plan to eliminate the program in This program was so important because of the freedom seniors get from it. Olewiler said TransLink made the unpopular decision in May because there was an assumption that the regular bus system was much more accessible for disabled people than it had been 20 years earlier when the TaxiSaver program was started.

She said there also had been some concerns about fraud, as people sometimes advertise the TaxiSaver coupons for sale on Craigslist. It is chronically overwhelmed by demand. It wasn't a cost-cutting measure aimed at TransLink's larger financial problems. I just signed up for Seattle Groupon and Living Social deals as we'll be visiting next month so I'd like to purchase a few coupons for meals or activities.

Many cities have their own similar discounted prepaid deals so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me who else has them for Seattle that I might want to check out. Most sites like king5. Check out the Seattle Tour Saver www. Be aware that davidgmg gets a buck for every person that signs up for Goldstar.

Have no idea why you would say that and its rare to have any one of this board do a personal attack. Gee David even if true why not if you had a stake in it you'd deserve it. People that offer services are on here all the time offering help. Maybe the poster is jealous or threatened because you do offer tours and from what I've heard good ones.

Absolutely true! I clicked the link, signed up, and was told that you would be credited a dollar cuz I signed up. Not a big deal, but on other forums that I participate in people tend to have a little disclosure of the fact.

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Not a personal attack, just stating fact. I'm not getting rich spending time on here. I don't even mention companies I'm associated with, thanks for your 'aloha' spirit, its always so appreciated. If three of your friends buy it, then yours is free. I sent the invite to a group of friends for a Beermaking class- none of them had ever heard of 'Living Social. Had I received my 'free' ticket, I was going to buy another so that I could include a friend of m ine that could not afford a ticket. Not only did they not give me my ticket for free, when I called the customer service line, the girl was rude and condescending and refused to help me.

I do not recommend buying from Living Social. If you decide to buy from them, do not give out any of your friends' email addresses. Groupon is reputible and only once there was an issue with an offer that was retracted by the vendor. Groupon was courteous, respectful, and professional in the way they handled the situation.

New Democrats question cuts to TransLink’s TaxiSaver program | New Democrat BC Government Caucus

I recommend sticking with Groupon. I like Tippr better than Groupon because if you forget a coupon and it expires, the dollar value reverts to regular retail and is not lost. Regarding Goldstar, it is a great way to get cheap tickets. I am a regular user and often promote it here. However, I am not associated with it in any way nor do I get any kickback. You will need to have a handyPASS to use this program.

This package can be purchased once every month. Pay by cheque, interac, credit card or cash at the Gorge Road East, Monday to Friday between a. The office is not open on holidays. To book a taxi saver trip, call your local area taxi company directly. Be sure to confirm that the taxi company accepts Taxi Saver vouchers. When you call to book your taxi, tell the dispatcher if you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

The handyDART client uses the coupons to pay the dollar meter rate of taxi fare.