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Thorfire TK4A. Perfect fit in the hand, no Jetsons-esque fins or grooves, just a nice clean functional almost Borglike design. Sofirn C8M?? That was a lot of light pouring out from a C8 body, a lot more than I expected. Zanflare F1. When did the Boruit RJ02 come out? If , include it. The Emisar D1 and D1S would be my picks, both well built and compact throwers at a great price point. Q8 — kept very close to BlF principles.

Great performance and great value. Such a useful beam and size profile. Was absolutely legit. I want to list three but cant cut it down. Nor can I order them. I picked it up on offer once on BG and liked it so much I bought another 5 to give to friends. It throws a lot of light a long way but also has a decent flood. This light replaces my TK75 that I blame for re-kindling my love of flashlights. The TK75 has been delegated to a spare to be kept in the boot of the car!

BLF Giggles. Everyone speaks so highly of it. I think you mean Sofirn SF36w and i agree with you, mine is not arrived yet though. Second nomination would have to be the Utorch UT Yes, many have problems, but the good ones are so damn good! All my TIP s are frequently used by all family members. Astrolus s42 is useful when you want something superwide angle, but really a lantern is maybe better?

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BLF Q8 Good budget light. Thank you BLF. Astrolux MF high output light thats in between a flood and a throw by a decent amount given how short the optics, best buy of for the price. The Emisar D4 HI model is a stand out for me- pocket rocket and dependable which is rarely mentioned. Have yet to hear of any doa,s or problems. How come no one has referred to the DX80? Got two Tains this year; Ottavino V4 and Azco. Both are stunning to look at and perform very well.

Also, I know some will disagree but I just bought my second Nitecore TIP because I liked the first one so much and they have a tendency to be less than excellent in reliability. Just a great all around little light. And now you know why I bought 4 of the 6 that were available. Shouldda pigged out and gotten all 6. Here is the list of the best tactical flashlight.

I agree with this list. Out of 10 of those flashlights 7 is my favorite. Accoring to my logic, every best flashlight should have tactical features. Skip to main content. Recent Posts: not commercial Recent Posts. Create new account Request new password. Older polls. What was your best flashlight s of Log in or register to post comments. Last post. Last seen: 1 min 37 sec ago. Posts: Location: USA.

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Emisar D4 is the star of the year. Last seen: 1 min 43 sec ago. Location: Syracuse, NY. Last seen: 2 hours 30 min ago. Location: nyc.

Holy Hanna on a pogo stick! I know you usually get what you pay for but putting a scope on a rifle that costs twice what the shooting 'arn cost is just amazing. After 3 days of searching my feeble mind was so full of scope stuff I had to take 2 aspirin and lay down in a dark room. Who BUYS all these scopes, anyway? I did narrow it down some by what I was wanting to strap onto the new rifle but that still left a huge pile to sift through.

This is a nerve wracking experience. I knows ya pain! Obviuosly you haven't researched the reticles yet,:veryconfu, Mil-dot, duplex, fine, heavy etc. If you don't buy a Tasco World Class, Redfield, or if your wallet can stand it the best is the Leopold, then don't even bother buying and mounting a scope on it. You would be better off just sighting down the barrel.

We went together and bought 10 BSA 3x9x40's on a close out two years ago. He tossed the last two a month ago. They had never been on a rifle. The cross hairs had fallen out of them just sitting in the box on top of the gun safe. I bought a new Simmons Deerfield for my new 6mm back in the mid 90's. I sent it back, got a new one, the front lens poped out, tossed it in the trash. I figured why send junk back to get another piece of Junk.

Take it with a grain of salt because everyone has their own opinion, but set up a scope poll and see what most shooters use here on this forum. Best Wishes from the Boer Ranch, Joe. There are some scopes out there that are very good without spending a fortune.

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The Whitetail by Simmons comes to mind. I have had very good luck with them. They are bright, take recoil and are repeatable. The three biggest potential problems with inexpensive scopes is brightness,tolerating recoil and adjustment repeatability. Given the choice I prefer the external adjustment scopes Lyman Supertargetspot, Unertl etc. As you can see my shooting started in the 50's and 60's when these scopes were in there heyday,but that another story. I probably now own fifty or so scopes from the BSA's to the bench rest Leupolds and the mentioned external adjustments.

Basically you still get what you pay for. The lighter the recoil the more you can get away with. Repeatability on a non target rifle is probably not as important once its sighted in with whatever ammo you intend to use. Brightness is important in whatever you use the scope for.

Now that I've rambled and said basically nothing, my choice for a inexpensive scope is the Whitetail series by Simmons. Burris in on a LH Savage in. I only buy two brands of scope Tasco and Leupold. You can shop around and find used Leupolds but a Tasco ain't bad until you find one.

I am a big fan of the Leupold vari x II in 2x7 great light gathering and clairity. Leupolds are the way to go. If I get them and they are broken, no problem send them in and they will fix them. As for new scopes- well, you get what you pay for. I have tried to go the cheap route and is has not been good. Found a couple of the Tasco World Class scopes new for a song and "tried" them out.

May hard kicking Marlin in 41 mag shook the leneses loose on the first one and could not sight in a 22 with the other. Stick with the better scopes like Leupold and Burris and you will much happier. I've had a couple lower end Bushnells crap out. Tasco scopes are surprisingly good quality for the money. Lately my attention has turned to Millett scopes. Good quality and life time warranty for very reasonable prices. Since air rifles have 2 recoil impulses,one each direction, all air rifle scopes must have extra internal mounting to handle that.

They are set for 25 yard parallax from the factory. Do they compare with a Leo, NO!! If your going to thin the Tree Rats then look at a lower cost option. Just My Opinion, and like something else we all have , they usually stink. I just mounted a Barska SWAT scope on my brothers Kimber Govt 22lr and it is a knock off of a Luepold MK4 in 3x-9x 40mm, side focus down to under 10yds, lighted mildot retical, 30mm tube with target knobs and a fast focus eye piece.

Everybody who looks through it says the optics are clear. After dabbling in the scope market a couple of years ago when I got my first eye prescription and glasses, only wore the damned things once and they just made things bigger which is not what I needed, I stuck to the simple approach. Modern scopes have more bloody knobs than the Appollo program, the purpose of these knobs goes way over my head.

I do know though that my eyes will get worse and scopes will become more necessary on my rifles. So, what I've been doing over the years is buying second hand, mainly Pecar and Ajack scopes mostly in fixed magnification with just two knobs windage, elevation and a focus ring. A variety of reticules the majority are post and hair because thats what I like best, no mil dots which just seems another complication to me. I now have around a two dozen high quality scopes that I've picked up cheaply over the years especially as fixed magnification isn't sexy any more.

Ready to start fitting onto my rifles when the time comes. I have seen every brand of scope fail in one way or another. The Bushnel outlet is close to home and the folk at the local club get a discount. I ain't tore up the Burris on my mag and it's got at least rnds thru it and still tickin'.

As far as pistol scopes go I use the 's exclusivly they are unbeatable I got 7 or 8 of em. Good luck James. Maybe spend a little time here: www.


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I would go with BoeRanchers recommendations with the addition of Burris. I have some weaver steel tubes that are good but prefer Leopold and Burris. I also have 4 Nikon Buckmasters I use on my varmit rifles. Awesome scopes for the money. Hard to beat the Leupold VX 1 2x7 for a hunting scope though.

Light, clear and high enough power to kill anything as far as you should be shooting it. Nowadays even a "cheap" rifle can often shoot MOA, but put a cheap piece of glass on it, and it doesn't matter how good it is, it will never shoot. I feel your pain, but after being shafted by most of the cheaper brands, I would just as soon let a new rifle set for a year until I can get a good scope on it than waste my time on a cheapie. In fact I just did so on a new. I waited until I got a good deal on a scope with a name that starts with "L", and I am very pleased.

Just as I am with all my "L" brand scopes. Don't waste your bucks, save up for good glass. If it's not a hard kicker, it opens up some options. A Nikon maybe. The slightest bit of free play in this ball joint and you get a reticle that pops to a slightly different location with each recoil impulse. If the joint is too tight, the reticle tube is 'sticky' and needs 1 or more recoil impulses to move if the adjustment was such that the adjusting screw moved away from the reticle tube - which requires the reticle tube spring to push it to follow the screw.

With as sitcky joint, this happens after a few recoil impulses. Non of this is good. A couple years back Meade a pretty good astronomical telescope maker bought Simmons scopes and put in some serious improvements in the optical quality, adjusters,etc. This is their Master Series.

The coolest thing that they did was to replace the ball joint end of the reticle tube with a solidly mounted end - but the reticle tube is cross-cut several times to make that portion into a spring tube.

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No slop, cheaper to make and the tube is the strong, I'd imagine spring to keep it tracking the reticle adjusting screws. One of those neat ideas that is both better and cheaper, doesn't often work that way. I have purchased 4 or 5 and a friend has several more and they have been very good scopes for amazingly low prices. In two cases cheapo scopes were replaced and "the rifle was suddenly noticably more accurate" - which of course indicates that the scopes as suspected had some internal 'issues'. I use Leo s on my "for serious" rifles where I might not ever get another shot like that, but for everything else fun guns, plinkers, etc I have been using the Simmons Master Series for a couple of years.

Meade recently sold them to somebody else, so this info may change in the future, but for now the pipeline is pretty full of Master Series scopes made under Meade's ownership. The in my avatar has a Nikon on it, works great and takes quite a licking from the. Of course, Nikon knows a thing or two about optics. Redfield used to be pretty good , now own Burris scopes by choice. Have 3 of the old acu-trac 3X9's.

I've been trying to figure out newer scopes also I have two old school Redfield 3x9's and 1 Lep 3X9 but they are already on rifles It wouldnt look right with a big scope on it I dont care I wont shoot at unwounded game past that All I can find is like the Leo 1.

I just dont really have a use for under 4X Any ideas? I really appreciate everyone's input on this mind bending persuit. It would have really narrowed down the options, but vastly increased the dollars :- So far this is my list: Bushnell Elite X 40, AO, Mil Dot. In several days of looking and looking and reading and reading I found that all these got high marks. The Pentax was the only one I didn't find any actual user reports about.

I did read some pretty fine stuff about the high magnification scopes from Barska, Simmons, and BSA, but a common thread was that they dim out usually above x, and some would refuse to focus at those powers, or it was so touchy as to be almost impossible. I also fouind it interesting that so many of these are being put on the 17, 20, and 22 cal RF's. This a dandy.

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This thing is bright and clear and holds it settings round after round. I cannot speak about weatherproofing and leaking as I am in Nevada a notoriously dry area of the USA. However at the normal price of or so it is a good value and since I got mine for about bucks they are a great value for the buck. I now own 3 of them and they are on all my good rifles. With my CZ You can spend more money but I really am not out to impress anybody my only desire is to make every shot count.

I do a lot of shooting at to yds with a 6. They are currently on sale at Midway for about or so I believe. I have done accuracy testing every few years for the last 40 years of many brands of scopes. I can tell you that buying one brand or make of that brand is no guarantee. I have seen Leupolds that would group and those that wouldn't.

Sometimes a cheap scope will be a superior grouper even though it isn't as clear. But without a doubt, and don't ask me why, fixed power scopes have always grouped better than variables. Often remarkably. Since this is supposed to be an accuracy thing, I will recommend three scopes and I am not sure if one is still made. A T Weaver if it's still made. Those scopes have beat all comers and are what I settle on for accuracy testing. The T is the best compromise and it simply comes down to how far you want to shoot and how much you want to spend. Remember, you aren't hunting, so changing power isn't needed.

This allows you to buy more scope for the money. I either have a variable set on max or on min, nothing in between. Rather have the gun determine the scope power for the gun's application intent. Pick the gun out of the closet for the game on hand with a fixed power scope. I bought 2 each of this guys scopes when he started out Importing them 6 years ago. I have the first 2 prototypes of them, here. All of his scopes track very well 1 inch box 8 clicks each direction back to zero, at yards.

I have one of the 3x9's on my Marlin and I don't load mouse loads for hunting. It has put up with 4 wheeler rides and tree stands for 6 years and still works and looks great. I will say that the high power Eradicator series has good brightness and focus to 24X but I don't like it at 25X. They do not have enough internal adjustment for yard shooting without a 20 MOA mount. It's your bucks, buy what makes you happy.

Good shooting,. Elite 2. Buckshot I put two of these on my 2 ART's and have had fantastic results. I have around 8 Leupold Mark 4's lighted and the Bushnell has the clearer optics. My 2 cents worth and advice at the end; with scopes and binoculars you get what you pay for. Over the years I've gone through a lot of scopes, mounted a lot of scopes for others and helped zero rifles with scopes on them.